911 hold time in Salt Lake?

Golf BallsI didn’t realize that you could be put on hold when you call 911. I called 911 for an auto-accident that happened near our house (no injuries, thankfully) and it took 6-7 minutes before I spoke to a human. Boy am I glad nobody was dying…

My sister recently had a more exciting incident as she witnessed a Kmart holdup
In her words: “I was walking toward the returns desk and witnessed the guy emptying out the till. I turned behind the jewlery rounds and called 911, but was put on hold for 4 mins before someone picked up the line. Scary experience to be there and see it happening.” She went on to mention that when she finally got through to someone, it was a dispatcher on the other side of the Salt Lake Valley.

I hope I’m never in a life-threatening situation where I have to wait 5 minutes on hold just to speak to someone when I call 911.

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