Backing up your Gmail account

I came across this post today about backing up your Gmail account.  One thing made me a little concerned.  This is a Google employee telling us how to backup our Gmail accounts.  Does he know something we don’t know?  Should we be concerned about the reliability of our Gmail accounts?

Anyway, since most of you are probably Windows users, you can easily back up your gmail account by using a client like Thunderbird on your computer.  All you need to do is enable POP access to your gmail account (go to “Settings” in your account) and download the messages to your local computer.  When you are on the settings page where you enable POP access, there is a link to a page that gives directions on how to setup Thunderbird.

In general, backups are important.  I usually go a little overboard to backup my data.  My question to you is, Do you backup your data?  If so, how do you do it?

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