Bees! Your weapons are useless against them!

So, an interesting thing happened outside our house over the weekend. Saturday,I was in the kitchen trying to find something for lunch when my wife yelled to me to come look out the front window. There were a ton of bugs flying around in front of our house! Upon closer inspection, we found that they were bees. It was pretty cool to see, and I know I should have gotten my camera, but I was taken in by the sight.

We live near a library, so there is a lot of foot traffic on the sidewalk across the street. We were surprised that nobody else noticed the swarm. After a few minutes, they were almost gone. I ran outside to see what had happened and they were concentrating near a tree in my neighbor’s yard.
I had heard that bees are not very aggressive when they are swarming. I still felt it strange to be standing 15 feet from a clump of bees, have hundreds flying around me and not one interested in me. I don’t think any landed on me (but I still shook out my shirt before going inside – I don’t want any black-oil-virus bees stinging me.) Eventually, they were concentrated in a tight clump around the queen (which I never saw.)
Anyway, after getting our neighbor’s permission, we called our friend that is a beekeeper to come and get them. He wasn’t able to come until yesterday but they were still there.
I learned that sometimes in a hive, a new queen will hatch and she will take some of the bees with her to go find/make a new hive. They will travel miles away so that they won’t be in competition with the old hive. The bees cluster around the queen to keep her warm and to protect her. They usually won’t move locations at night when it’s cool (they try to keep the queen warm.) They will stay in a location for a day or so before deciding to settle down. The queen emits a pheromone that helps the other bees find her.
If anybody has any other interesting facts about bees, post a comment below.
Bees are pretty cool, maybe someday when I have more space (and time) I’ll take up beekeeping as a hobby.

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