Canon Digital Rebel XTi

I recently acquired a Digital Rebel XTi. After patiently waiting for it to arrive, (I’ve been wanting a camera like this since Canon came out with the Digital Rebel years ago) I was a bit surprised to find that it is quite thicker than my Canon Rebel 2000 (35mm) camera. Oh well, I’m just happy I can snap away at my heart’s content and not worry about the costs of developing film.

Soon after turning it on, I noticed a pixel on the LCD screen that was always green. I’ve tried to ignore it but finally came to the realization that it wasn’t going to fix itself. Today I called Canon support to see if such an issue was covered under warranty. Working in the IT industry I’m aware that LCDs typically come with some sort of defined amount of acceptable bad pixels. Anyway, I call Canon to find out what their policy is on this. The first thing out of the rep’s mouth is, “We need you to send it in so someone can look at it before we can say whether it’s covered under warranty or not.” Meanwhile, I’m thinking this is a pretty simple question. Maybe he thought I was talking about the CMOS sensor. I re-stated my question a few times in different ways and still got the same answer. I asked if I could speak with someone who made those warranty/non-warranty decisions. After a long wait, a woman from their California service center was on the line. She gave me similar responses and mentioned that it may be a result of the ISO speed (which would make sense if I was talking about the CMOS sensor.) I clarified again that it was the LCD display and got the same, “We’ll need to look at it to see if it’s covered under warranty.”

Frustrated, I decided to give e-mail support a try. I used the address they sent me after I registered my camera. I sent the following e-mail at 2:47pm:

I've been trying to find out what the acceptable number of functioning
pixels is on the LCD monitor screen.  I have a new camera that has a
certain number of them that are not functioning properly.
In looking around I've found two different numbers referring to
guaranteed "good" pixels 99.99% and 99.97% from Canon, but nothing that
specifically mentions the Digital Rebel XTi.
Here are the references I found:
Thanks for your help,

I then received this reply at 3:40pm (now that’s a good turnaround time!):

Dear Mike:

Thank you for writing to us.  We value you as a Canon customer and
appreciate the opportunity to assist you with the Rebel XTi. We
apologize about the difficulty you are having with the camera.

Although the LCD monitor is manufactured with very high precision
technology with over 99.99% effective pixels, there might be a few dead
pixels among the remaining 0.01% or less pixels. These pixels are
normally displayed as red or black. They are not considered a
malfunction and do not effect the images recorded.

We hope this information is helpful to you.  Please feel free to contact
us again if you have any other questions or concerns  with the Rebel

Thank you for choosing Canon.
Technical Support Representative

Thus, with a straightforward answer, Liz was able to restore my confidence in Canon. So, there you have it. Overall, it’s a slightly dissapointing to have an expensive camera with a small defect like this, but I’m just giddy to finally have one.

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