Canon i560s setup on SuSE 9.3 Linux with Netgear PS121 print server

In the past, I’ve always setup a cups server for my home network to handle all of the printing. Since I’d like to use that server for some testing that sometimes makes it unavailable for being a print server, I decided to test out the Netgear PS121 with my Canon i560s printer. The setup ended up being pretty simple once I found some documentation online.

This page turned out to be a good reference. Here’s what I did:

  • Bought a refurbished Netgear PS121 off ebay for ~$30 (shipping included)
  • Updated the firmware to the latest version (which is currently version 6033)
  • Started up the Printer configuration utility from YaST:
    • Click the “Change” button, then “Advanced”, then “Clear current configuration” to clear all of the current printer settings (I didn’t want anything wierd to happen w/existing settings.)
    • From the “Printer administration for CUPS window, click “Add”
    • Select “Print via LPD-Style Network Server” and click “Next”
    • Enter the IP address of the PS121 (it gets an address from DHCP by default)
    • Enter the name of the remote queue (That is the “Serve Name” of the PS121 that can be found by going to it in a browser – e.g. and click “Next”
    • Enter a valid name for “Name for printing”, put a check in the box for “Do Local Filtering” and click “Next”
    • Select CANON and BJC 7000 for the manufacturer and model, click Next
    • Run a test if desired or click OK to finish.

It seems to print fine with these settings. If I run into reliability problems in the future with the PS121, I’ll definitely post details here.

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