More NFA Fun Data by state

Inspired by this post, NFA Fun Data by state, and feeling that Utah was underrepresented, I crunched some per-capita numbers using the census estimated populations for 2014. Here are the top states for each section (per 10,000 people): Top state for Machine Guns: Connecticut at 74 per 10k people Top state for Silencers: Utah at… Continue reading More NFA Fun Data by state

Phone Phisher

Just had a phisher call me claiming to be from the US Bank fraud dept (caller id said 714-555-1212.) I don’t have any credit/debit cards with them. It was a computer generated recording saying my account was frozen and they needed to verify some of my information to unfreeze it. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t accept my… Continue reading Phone Phisher

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OfficeMax coupon code

I got one of these in the mail and won’t be using it.  It’s good for $30 off your online purchase of $150 or more.  Expires 1/08/2011 JCU4B7RHLKJ3UZAK Please post a comment here if you use it so that others won’t waste their time trying to.

Fishing with a light

I am preparing for an upcoming winter campout with the scouts and came across this video when checking ice levels at a nearby reservoir. I have no idea where this video was taken.

65 MPH Trumpet

I’m starting a new category for Funny People that I encounter. Person number one is pictured at the right. We encountered him on I-15 last Saturday and yes, he is playing the trumpet while driving on the freeway. As we came up on him, I noticed he was wandering a little in his lane like… Continue reading 65 MPH Trumpet