Comcast Tiered Internet

I came across this post today (Comcast Is Starting The Tiered Internet.. Whether We Like It or Not) and must admit that I have never had much trust for any ISP I’ve used (except for when I used the U of U for internet access as a student.)

I haven’t downloaded/uploaded anything through bittorrent in over a year (it was legitimate traffic, a SuSE Linux installation disk.) But if Comcast starts limiting that kind of stuff, I don’t think they’re far from limiting other high bandwidth sites, such as video sites.

Recently, I was backing up some data over my internet connection (over 100GB) and feared I was going to get one of those dreaded phone calls from Comcast.

I wish I had alternatives like Utopia or Verizon FioS where I live. I can’t even get DSL from Qwest at my house (I’m not sure that I would want it anyway.)

Sorry for the scattered post, I just wanted to share.