Crash Proof – A must read if you care about your savings

I just finished “Crash Proof: How to profit from the coming economic collapse” I must admit, it was a very interesting read. Published in 2007, Mr. Schiff does a pretty darn good job predicting the burst of the real estate bubble. More alarming, he’s predicting the collapse of the dollar. I’m a bit surprised that the dollar hasn’t lost more value through the recent economic turmoil.
He goes through and explains what’s been happening to mask current inflation and what you can do to come out ahead when all this comes crashing down. Unsurprisingly, his company (Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.) specializes in the kind of stuff he’s suggesting you do to protect your wealth. He also explains how to do it on your own (without Euro Pacific.)
Anyway, I strongly recommend you read this book. It offers a unique perspective on what’s going on all around you in the financial world.

For you locals (in Salt Lake) here’s a link to the book from the library’s website.
For everyone else, here’s a link to the book on Amazon.

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