Cyber Monday – B.S.

leaves & woodpileB.S., Marketing B.S. That’s what comes to mind when I hear mention of Cyber Monday. When I hear that term, it makes my stomach churn because it’s all made up. Marketing hype says this is the biggest day of the year for online shopping. Lies, all lies I tell ya. Let me share my experience-based reasoning with you.

I’ve been promoting things as an affiliate for years now and I’ve never seen the Monday following Thanksgiving be anything out of the ordinary. I helped sell over $1 million in goods online last year. I know it’s a tiny drop in the huge pond of online sales, but I’m pretty sure others’ experience match mine.

I’ve found that holiday based spending online peaks between 7 and 10 days prior to the actual holiday. I’ve also found that Mondays are typically the biggest sales day of the week. This is followed by Wednesday, for some reason. If you’re set on choosing a Monday, combine these two to get your pick for the biggest day.

In reality, I’d pick a day in the 7-10 day range prior to Christmas to be the overall best day and place low priority to whether it’s a Monday or not. I’ll bet on the 19th this year.

I think that the trend over the next few years will be more online purchases even closer to Christmas. More and more online merchants are offering overnight shipping and as consumers get more comfortable with this, they’re going to be ordering more and more at the last minute instead of heading into brick and mortar stores to make their purchases in the last days before Christmas.

Try googling “cyber monday hoax” and you’ll find that there are others that agree with this point of view.

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