Electronic Voting

Couds picOn this Election Day, I thought it would be fitting to share some information on how we vote in Utah.
Keep this in mind when you go use your fancy touch screen voting machine today – people were able to break through the security of virtually every model of California’s voting machines. Apparently, Diebold doesn’t have a very good track record for security.
I would suspect that either Gary Herbert (Lt. Governor of Utah) and “the committee” that chose these machines either doesn’t have a clue or is getting some other benefit from having us use these machines.

Here are a couple of interesting sites with more information: Utah: Count Votes! or the Open Voting Foundation.
An interesting quote from the first site:
“California source code reviews and red team penetration tests found that ‘the Diebold software contains vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to install malicious software on voting machines and on its central election management systems, which could cause votes to be recorded incorrectly or to be miscounted‘ and that ‘some threats would be difficult, if not impossible, to remedy with election procedures’. The Diebold Source Code Review Team found that ‘both the electronic and paper records of the Diebold TSx direct recording electronic voting machine contain enough information to compromise the secrecy of the ballot‘. Diebold voting system violates the Utah constitution which requires a secret ballot.”

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