Gmail news – Storage increase and IMAP

RivetsTwo big things in the news about Gmail…

  1. Storage Increase
  2. IMAP support

Gmail Storage Increase
It looks like there’s been a slight jump in the amount of email you can have in Gmail. Reports are that the limit was somewhere below 3GB earlier this month, and now it’s at 4379 MB for me.

IMAP access to Gmail
This is one thing I’ve been waiting for for a long time. It isn’t currently an option for my account, but I’m told it will be soon. They’re rolling out IMAP to everyone. What is IMAP? Well, it lets you access your email and the entire directory structure (which I assume will be your filter structure in Gmail) from a client application, like Thunderbird, Outlook or VersaMail(palm.) This is especially helpful if you have multiple computers that you use to access email, such as at home and work.
I assume it will even allow you to upload email to Gmail too, since you can normally just drag and drop email into your IMAP folders. I’m excited to test it out!