High-paid scout leaders

Foil DinnerI was always under the impression that the scouting organization was run by volunteers and some modestly paid people for those required full-time positions. Boy, was I wrong.
Here’s an article from the Deseret News about how much some leaders are paid.
Our Council’s executive makes over $215k/year in compensation. National scout executives make around $1 million a year.

I’m currently a scoutmaster and I must admit this article makes me a little sick to my stomach.
Let me make it clear that the boys in our troop are great kids. They can work hard and love to play hard. I enjoy working with them.

Those leaders mentioned in the article say their pay is justified because they have put in 60-80 hour work weeks during their career. Um…I’m a full-time computer professional, I know what that’s like.
I was asked to be a scoutmaster, so I give some of my time and effort to the boys in our troop. I would rather spend time with my family than go on campouts and have troop meetings once a week. I would rather use my vacation time to actually take a vacation with my family than go on the yearly week-long summer camp and other campouts. Why do I do it? I do it because I was asked to and I feel that the boys will be a little better prepared for life because of scouting. I think that a program like the scouting program is a great thing for boys.

Now, I’m half tempted to start sending bills to the council for my time. From Paul Moore’s annual compensation of $215k, a rate of $60/hr seems more than fair. 🙂

I already had an uneasy feeling about the “Friends of Scouting” program. This new information just made sure any future monetary contributions I make to scouting will need to go to the direct benefit of the local troop, not the bloated council.

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