Link building Spam

I’ve been getting a ton of scam spam recently. You know the kind, “Let us transfer millions to your account and you can keep a percentage”

Today, I started getting new spam (in my view) from someone trying to buy advertising on my sites. At first I thought the email was legit, but when I got a few regarding a few different sites (and some duplicates) I realized that it’s someone I don’t want to communicate with…

Here’s a sample of the text:


Browsing on the Internet I came upon your website ( and I find it very interesting and useful.
My name is Daniel Lee and the reason I am contacting you is my interest in purchasing advertising spot on your site.
I will be very thankful if you tell me how much a text link or banner 120×60 / 125×125 on your home page or all pages will cost.Thank you in advance!

Daniel Lee”

Thankfully, it will only take Thunderbird a couple of clicks to start marking all of these as spam and I won’t have to see them in my inbox anymore.

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