My first facebook phisher

I just received my first facebook phishing email.

It looks pretty legit. The obvious thing that stood out to me was that the link points to Note that the domain is, not facebook.

Here is a snapshot of the page on

If you login here, you’ll be giving a phisher your username and password.

If you receive email that appears to be from any site you consider important (banks, social networks, etc…) use caution when clicking on the links within. The best practice is to open a browser and type in the site name (or use your bookmark) to go to the site, then login and look for alerts there. If Facebook was really going to make the login changes mentioned in the email, you’d see something about it when you login (in either your Facebook inbox, notifications or an announcement at the top of the page once you’re logged in.)

Don’t trust links sent in email. Go to the site like you would normally, login and then look for any announcements or alerts from there.