My wife spoils me

For years, I’ve been telling my wife, “I should get a motorcycle.” Every time, her response has been, “I think you should.” But I never could quite justify it. Current gas prices have changed my mind, I was able to finally convince myself it was worthwhile.
In May, I took the MSF Basic Rider Course. It was worth every penny and I highly recommend it (unless for some reason I don’t like you.)
Monday, I drove this beauty home.

I’m still in the break-in phase, so I haven’t really pushed her too hard, but I am sure having fun riding her around. I now take a long detour (8+ miles) on my way into my office. In reality, I’m taking the long way anywhere. I’m itching to get past the first 500 miles of break-in, so I can see how she does on the freeway.
I’ve also found a great online community of people that ride KLR650s.

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