New Vonage features

Vonage finally added Anonymous Call Blocking and Do Not Disturb. I’m kind of excited to test these out on my office line (as I recently switched my home phone line to Packet8, I won’t be able to test it there.)

From Vonage:
Anonymous Call Block
Now you can put a stop to unknown phone calls. Vonage Anonymous Call Block makes sure calls that cannot be read by caller ID will never reach your phone. The unknown caller will receive a message directing them to unblock their number and try their call again.
Do Not Disturb
No more calls during dinner. Vonage Do Not Disturb feature lets you easily block incoming calls whenever you want. Calls are automatically sent to Vonage Voicemail Plus. If you haven’t activated your Voicemail Plus feature yet, callers will receive a message that you are not accepting calls at this time.

Dial *77 from your Vonage phone to turn on “Anonymous Call Block,” *87 to turn it off.
Dial *78 from your Vonage phone to turn on “Do Not Disturb,” *79 to turn it off.