One Laptop per Child

OLPC systemDo you want to buy a cool laptop for less than $400? This thing is durable, easy to use and can be charged with a hand crank or solar panel (it also looks kinda cute.)

The One Laptop per Child project is one that has interested me for a while. Not only have they worked hard to make these laptops inexpensive and durable, but they run Linux and are easy to use!

There is a ton of stuff that is cool about how these laptops can interact with each other. They seem to be ideal for any classroom environment. Currently, they have a special “Give One. Get One.” program running. Between now and November 26, you can donate $399 to the program ($200 of which is tax-deductible) and they will send you a laptop as well as send one laptop to help children in a developing country. As an added bonus, “For all U.S. donors who participate in the Give One Get One program, T-Mobile is offering one year of complimentary HotSpot access” (normally $39.99/mo.)