Review of “High Performance Affiliate Marketing”

This is a brief review of High Performance Affiliate Marketing, an ebook by the Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer.
This ebook is a great tool for anyone that is currently, or wants to be involved in affiliate marketing. I will do a quick review of each section and a summary at the end.

Affiliate Marketing 101 – This is a good introduction to what affiliate marketing is. If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing, you can probably skip this section. It answers questions like “What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?” The part I liked best about this section was when it separated fact from fiction, specifically when it clarified that this isn’t quick and easy money. In my experience, I’ve found that you have to work hard for it, but that hard work pays dividends over time.

Finding Products and Services to Promote – This section assists you with deciding what you want to sell. Even though I’m already promoting things online, I found it very to use these methods to choose which markets I want to expand into.

Keywords: The Foundation of Your Success
– There is some good background on keywords but nothing that is earth-shattering. It did offer some insight regarding the use of brand names and trademarks. It has some good screenshots showing you how to utilize many of the free keyword tools that exist on the net.

Building a Website that Sells – This section is great for a beginner. It walks you through setting up a website from scratch and offers tips regarding the layout and style to use in your site.

Driving Traffic to your Website – Covering both paid search and organic search, this section covers these two methods of getting new traffic to your site. Search Engines are a major source of traffic on the Internet, but it seems like there are other methods that could have been brought up here.

Here are a few other items of interest regarding the book:

  • Free Updates – Times are always changing and Jeremy recognizes that in order to keep up with changes, he’s going to have to constantly update this book.
  • Forum – One great resource after you have purchased the book is the forums on Jeremy is quick to respond to questions that come up and gives great advice on specific topics or concerns.
  • Another thing that Jeremy makes clear is that you won’t make money online unless you take action! Skimming or reading this ebook, then forgetting about it won’t benefit you at all.

Jeremy has a direct, to the point writing style. It seems like he has packed as much information as possible into these pages. Don’t expect any fluff or filler material in this book. It’s worth every penny at the full price but is being offered at 1/2 off currently.
I think that the only thing this book is lacking is a few more details on raw SEO and how to actually track the progress of your marketing efforts. I’m sure Jeremy will be adding this in the future (nudge, nudge…)
Overall, this ebook is a great value to anyone in the affiliate marketing business. It will help a newbie get started and help an experienced affiliate marketer improve is efforts even more.

Here is more information on how to get the ebook.

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