Spring Forward – Daylight Savings Time 2007

Well, Congress decided to change when we start and end daylight savings time. Are your devices ready?

Under the new plan, we “spring forward” this Sunday. That is 3 weeks earlier than we are used to. We also will “fall back” one week later this fall.

You may ask, “What’s all the hubbub about?” Well, many people are dependent on certain devices for keeping them on time. I grew up having to remember to change the time on my alarm clock and watch for Daylight Savings, but now most of my devices do it for me on their own. Basically, you need to make sure you have the latest software/firmware updates for any devices that keep track of their own time. This includes your computer, PDA, and almost anything else with a clock.

The following were on my list of items to check:

  • PDA – Downloaded/installed the update from palm.
  • GPS – Still looking into this one, not sure if an update is required.
  • Digital camera – Both of my cameras require me to manually change the time on them (what’s up with that?) Maybe I should just set them to UTC and never worry about having to change them again.
  • Mobile phone – I have a non-smart phone which gets its time from the phone network.
  • Linux Desktop – SuSE has had the update since their 10.0 release, they patched their other versions in December of 2005
  • Windows Desktop – fixed since Windows XP SP2

Good luck and make sure you don’t show up an hour late for any meetings after Saturday night!