Static IP addresses for EC2

RabbitIt looks like the easter bunny came a few days late for Amazon.

Yay! They finally offer static IP addresses for Amazon EC2. This is a huge step for anyone wanting to use EC2 to host anything on the internet. They are free of charge if you are using them with a running instance. If they are not associated with a running instance, there is a $0.01/hr charge for them.

This means that you won’t have to worry about updating DNS with a new IP address if for some reason your instance shuts down.

They currently have a limit of 5 IP addresses per account, but you can request more if you need them.

They also have a new thing called “Availability Zones.” This lets you put your instances (servers) in different locations allowing you some redundancy in case of some sort of failure of a location (like power failure or network problems.)