More Funny people – Ron Paul supporters

Now, I’m not saying all Ron Paul supporters are funny. Just that some of them are. I know very little about Ron Paul and the little exposure I’ve had to his name hasn’t been positive.

My first exposure was spam. Yeah, someone thought that a good way to get his name out there would be to spam my inbox. WRONG.

RoN PaulAnother was a little message above the freeway here in Utah. I mean no offense to any dyslexics out there, but such “writing” errors are a bit of an annoyance to me.  It did make me laugh.

Funny People.

65 MPH Trumpet

Trumpet PlayerI’m starting a new category for Funny People that I encounter.
Person number one is pictured at the right. We encountered him on I-15 last Saturday and yes, he is playing the trumpet while driving on the freeway.
As we came up on him, I noticed he was wandering a little in his lane like a cellphone driver. I was so surprised that someone would attempt such a feat that I had to slow down and get Andrew to take a picture of it.