Launching stuff up into the air

Geyser Recently, I was chatting with a group of friends over lunch about launching things up into the air. Unavoidably, the whole Mentos/Diet Coke thing came up. I came across this Geyser Tube today and thought I should mention it here.

Our conversation was more focused on ways to get the bottle up in the air. We may run some experiments this summer to see if Mentos and Diet Coke is a sufficient propellant to lift the bottle. I’m pretty sure we’ll have to reduce the amount of Diet Coke in the bottle to optimize the thrust to weight ratio.

It looks like they’re currently sold out of the Soda Geyser Tube, but you can pre-order yours. For only $4.95, you can have loads of fun with your kids.

All I can say, is get ready to make a mess!

Sleeping in a snowcave

Well, the holidays are over and I think I’ve recovered from them as well as the winter camp with the scouts last weekend.

We went up near Solitude ski resort to go camping last Friday night. We built snowcaves and slept in them. I figure that the temperature outside dropped to near 0 degrees (F) but I was warm all night. The inside of our snowcave had a thin layer of slush on it when we woke up indicating that the temperature inside was somewhere above 32 degrees (F). Here’s a picture of one of the snowcaves we built-

Now, it’s time to get back to work in my nice warm office…

Canon Digital Rebel XTi

I recently acquired a Digital Rebel XTi. After patiently waiting for it to arrive, (I’ve been wanting a camera like this since Canon came out with the Digital Rebel years ago) I was a bit surprised to find that it is quite thicker than my Canon Rebel 2000 (35mm) camera. Oh well, I’m just happy I can snap away at my heart’s content and not worry about the costs of developing film.

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