The perfect excuse to do family history work

Salt Lake Temple I’ve mentioned before about how good ideas in a company don’t always come from the top and how Google makes the most of this with their “20 percent time” program (see an example here.) This program allows Google engineers to spend one day a week working on projects that aren’t necessarily in their job descriptions. They can use the time to develop something new or fix something that they have found to be broken.

Paul Allen, CEO of has just announced a similar program. He says:

“I am asking every full time employee in the company to spend 10% of their paid time working on their own family history. This includes researching, collaborating, preserving, and sharing. It means using our web sites and other software and web sites as well.”

This is further proof that Paul just gets it. He has an amazing vision when it comes to the internet/technology/genealogy.

I’m excited about this because now I have no excuse to not do genealogy. I hope to share my experiences and work on this blog. I’ve already sent an email out to my family asking for suggestions on where to start. I know I have a lot of “preserving” work to do on the digital side of things, so chances are I’ll be working in that area to begin with.