Treo 755p battery draining fast (fixed)

valley viewA couple of months ago, I realized that the battery in my Palm Treo 755p would only last about a day. I had installed a few new programs on it at the time, but didn’t think much about it. The strange thing was it would be fine for a few days, then the battery would drain in what seems like a few hours.

Finally, I figured out what it was… I had installed Chatter email because the default email client that came with my Treo wouldn’t work with Gmail. Chatter will run in the background and frequently ping your email server checking for new messages.

The fix was easy; in Chatter, go to the Sys menu and select ‘Shutdown ChatterEmail’ This shuts the program all the way down and so it isn’t running in the background. Yay! I have my battery life back!

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