Vonage support sucked

Wow, what an ordeal. There went 4 hours of my life that I want back. Last night, I initially was on the phone for over an hour with Vonage trying to get an obscure bug with my Motorola device fixed. Whenever I dail a number that is busy, the call is immediately dropped w/o any sort of busy signal. This is pretty annoying and requires me to think way too much about whether I really dialed the right number when it happens.

Vonage’s first line of support appears to be in India. The call quality was horrible with both static and very faint voices on the other end. Second tier support appears to be here in the U.S. The guy was very courteous and willing to assist. Unfortunately, I was transfered to some guy on their “Advanced Services Dept” (third tier support) that was more interested in filling his call quota than helping me. At one point in the conversation, he said that he made a change to my device and that I needed to reset my entire network. Due to my techno-curiosity, I asked him what he changed. He vaguely responded, “I changed settings.” I probed further since he was dancing around giving me an answer by eventually asking, “What settings did you change on my device.” He responded, “Are you calling me a liar? It sounds like you are calling me a liar.” From there, I don’t think he heard one word of what I said. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he flatly refused and hung up on me.

A little more progress was made when I called the second time. I had almost an identical experience with tiers 1 & 2 but when I hit tier 3, I was helped by a man named Ahlonko. He was very nice and patient. After a long time on the phone with him, he said he would investigate further and call me back today. He had me do a few more things on the Motorola VoIP adapter than anyone else did. He followed up today and we ran a few more tests. The final verdict is that the device is messed up. It will cost me about $80 for a new VoIP adapter. If this would have happened in the first year of service, the device would have been covered under warranty.
It seems that’s the typical support you get from almost any company today; if you don’t get someone willing to help you out, you can call back and get someone else. Eventually, you’ll get someone that cares about helping you.

Overall, their phone service is good and you can’t beat the features you get for the price. I’ll stick with them for my VoIP provider. But I sure am thankful that I rarely have to call Vonage for support.