Why you won’t see a “more” link in my posts anymore

Little Cottonwood Canyon PicIn the past, I’ve put a brief teaser in my posts followed by a “more” link. I did this so that my main page (htttp://alt-j.com) wouldn’t be a mile long and also so that the search engines wouldn’t see a ton of duplicate content on my blog.
Now I say, “To heck with search engines.” Here’s why:

  • I’m lazy
  • My blog is for people, not search engines
  • It’s more RSS friendly

I’ve been hooked on RSS feeds for a while now and recently switched to Google Reader from Thunderbird to check in on all my favorite blogs. As a result, I can easily read most of these feeds on my phone. I say most because some people do not publish their entire post in their RSS feed. As a result, I’ve started filtering out those that don’t from my subscription list. I have one left that does (Guy Kawasaki), and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep it in there.

To answer GrayWolf’s question, Yes, I do subscribe to my own feed and feel that my blog is now easier to read because of it.

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